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Youth & Children's Ministry 

Youth Ministry
Kirsten Smith, Missionary with Youth

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Are you looking for a place where your teenager can learn about the love of Jesus Christ, while having fun and meeting other Christian teenagers? We have the perfect place to do that here at St. John's LaGrange. The 6th through 12th graders meet at 9:30 on Sunday mornings for Bible class and youth group is from 6 to 8 on Sunday nights where we play games and have a Bible study. We also do servant events, such as car washes, Feed My Starving Children, and Operation Christmas Child. There are also events that just involve bonding with other Christian youth, such as mini golf, lock-ins, and laser tag. My name is Kirsten Smith! Contact me for more information.

Upcoming Service Project:

Operation Christmas Child season is upon us. Grab a box near the Youth Board to pack for a child between the ages of 2 and 14. Fill it with toys, school supplies, accessories, or a hand written note. Once you have your box packed, label it with the age and gender your box is for. DO NOT WRAP YOUR SHOEBOX. Please return your Shoebox by Wednesday, November 19. There will be a spot in the Narthex to put them. We will be taking our packed Shoeboxes to a drop off site on Sunday, November 23 following the 10:45 am Worship Service….so, save the date! Plus there might be food involved!

Confirmation Studies - Contact us for more information.


"Being involved in the youth ministry has made my faith stronger. I am no longer afraid to talk about God or to share my faith. I am a lot more comfortable around people at St. John’s now too since I have become more involved in the ministry. I hope to stay at St. John’s forever because it is so homey and I am really comfortable here.

Many kids at my high school don’t know Jesus. They aren’t the nicest people and I really want them to know Jesus. I think that continuing my involvement here at St. John’s is where God is leading me. I want to continue being involved in the youth ministry so that I can continue to share my faith boldly with the kids who don’t know Jesus." Cayla (Youth Ministry)

"Sunday youth studies have helped me grow in my faith. Mr. Zagone listens to us, respects where we are coming from and values us as part of the church. I go to youth group because I always wanted a teen example in my life growing up and I found one in Danielle. Youth group lets us create strong bonds and friendships. God is leading me to do this for others. I can be a role model to the younger kids at St. John’s and show them that you can hang out with lots of different people, be goofy, have fun and still be a good Christian and praise God." ~Katie – Youth Ministry

Children’s Ministry
Sherrie Smith, Missionary to the Home

St. John’s is committed to encouraging and strengthening the faith of children and youth in our congregation, school, and community. Students have many opportunities to “Meet Jesus! Experience the Support of a Church! and Live as His Disciples!” through Sunday School, worship, servant events, our nursery, Vacation Bible School, Fine Arts Camp and more!

We realize that the only way our efforts are effective are by partnering with the home and giving parents the tools to reinforce what is learned and taught here. This is why our bulletin always includes ways for families to take home what they have learned. Our most recent venture in connecting with parents has been Parents and Twos Class, which meets during the education hours on Sunday between (9:25a-10:25a) to encourage and nurture your children as they learn about Jesus together.


First Communion - Contact us for more information.


Weekly Worship

Sunday Worship
8:00 & 10:45 a.m.

Sunday Education Hour
9:25-10:25 a.m.


"St. John’s children’s ministry inspires children, parents and grandparents to LIVE their faith, not just on worship days. St. John’s has instilled a desire to serve and gratitude for the blessings we have. Pastor Bill & his family take an active part, leading by example and supporting us searching for our own ways. Naomi, St. John’s family minister, has given my grandchildren the ability to experience the amazement of what we have been given and to understand it. The Sunday School has provided us a wonderful learning environment and my grandchildren can live, experience and learn about our faith and core beliefs. They now have the freedom to know that Jesus is part of everything we do. The children’s ministry has taught us to reach outside of ourselves and soar thru things like music, art, and service, and that has helped us find our place at St. John’s.

Specifically, I have been blessed with strength and support to help my family. Life takes so many unexpected turns, and like so many, once my children had grown up, I never wavered in my faith. I just didn’t find another church “home”. When my grandchildren were born, I realized how much we need that “rock” to build our house on. When I thought back about how my parents had provided a loving, nurturing environment that gave me my solid foundation of faith, I realized how much I wanted that for my grandsons. My son felt as I did, but due to other circumstances, he had not been able to provide for the spiritual guidance so important for them on a higher level. We actively began searching for the help we needed and finally came to St. John’s. Thru our experience, we have been able to embrace and begin our lives. I feel the blessings watching my grandson’s eyes light up with happiness as they go up for the children’s message during service. I feel so much gratitude as I watch them at Sunday School, VBS and Fine Arts Camp. They have an amazing feeling of joy and accomplishment as they praise Jesus thru song and dance.

To sum it up, St. John’s has truly transformed our family to actively live and seek ways to help to give back all the blessings we have been given in finding our church. Each day brings us a new opportunity to do more and leave less undone. St. John’s has inspired me to better serve and seek ways to actively provide deep roots in faith for my grandchildren. "Robin (Children's Ministry)

Meet! Experience! Live!   
Meet Jesus... Experience the Support of a Church... Live as His Disciples