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Gift Offering

As we realize how well we have been blessed, consider a special gift offering to your church. There are several areas where gifts would be very helpful:

A Gift to Support the School

This could be given toward the A. H. Miller Scholarship Fund, the School Annual Fund, or your gift of $5000 could sponsor a student’s entire tuition. These gifts can be given by using the blank marked “other” on your regular church envelope, in the special school envelope, or a blank envelope marked with your preference.

Music at St. John's

We are blessed with wonderful music which is made possible from gifts toward “Music of St. John’s” There will be envelopes in some upcoming services or you could use the blank envelope in your envelope box and designate it toward “Music of St. John’s.”

Parking Lot Fund

Our parking lot is in need of repair and we should begin to gather money to help cover the expense we will have when we begin this project. Simply give a gift and write “Parking lot fund.”

Handbell Refurbishment

Because of their use, the handbells are going to be entirely refurbished, and a gift toward that fund would help with the $7000 cost to do this.

Final Thought

A gift of stock benefits the giver in two ways: 1) You get to declare your entire gift as a charitable deduction, and 2) you do not have to pay any capital gains tax on whatever gains the stock made for you.


Where should offering go?

Weekly Worship

Sunday Worship
8:00 & 10:45 a.m.

Sunday Education Hour
9:25-10:25 a.m.

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