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Weekly Worship at St. John's
St. John's worships weekly on Sunday mornings.

Sunday Worship
8:00a and 10:45a

Holy Communion on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Sunday on every month

Sunday Education Hour

We invite you to join us in giving glory to God as we continue our journey. St. John’s is giving glory to God in our church and school (Jerusalem), glory to God in the communities where we live (Judea), glory to God in nearby communities cross-culturally (Samaria) and glory to God even to the ends of the earth! (Acts 1:8).

VBS 2016: Cave Quest

Following Jesus, the Light of the World

June 20 - 25, 2016, 9:00 - 11:30 am


Pastor Bruening's Message

Call Process and Financial Status

Based on a list of names given to him by the Board of Elders, President Andy Kunz has been putting together the membership of the Call Committee. When the full committee has been appointed, we will share those names with you.

I have also met with Pastor David Prentice, Circuit Visitor, to make plans for the Call process. At this point we should begin to gather suggested names from the congregation. At the Welcome Desk there are forms you can fill in with your nominations for possible candidates. After we submit a list of names, the District will give the Circuit Visitor relevant Personal Information Forms (PIFs) which could include the names we have suggested, plus names that the District President has added. The Circuit Visitor will hand the PIF’s out at a meeting with the committee, however we are not allowed to keep them in our possession.

Once the Call Committee has narrowed down the list of names, they most likely will arrange for telephone interviews with who they perceive to be the top candidates. They may invite in the top candidates or candidate for a personal interview at which time other church leaders and all staff would have the opportunity to meet the candidates or candidate.

At that point it would be up to the Call Committee as to a recommendation. In most cases I have been involved in recently, the committee usually presents one or more names of the Pastors they feel best qualified and after going through Elders and Council the congregation then decides which person to call.

While our by-laws are mute on the question of whether the Call Committee should report to the Elders who then report to the Council before the recommendation is brought before the congregation, I feel it is always advisable when taking a step as important as this one that the major parties all be involved in the process before bringing a recommendation to the congregation. The congregation will then extend the Call. The process will be presented to the Board of Elders at their meeting on May 26 for their concurrence and recommendation.

We are able to proceed with the Call process since our financial situation has become much improved. At the end of April we had a small surplus of $3,180 as our Operating Income exceeded our expenses. Over the next two months we will most likely begin to run a deficit since income from tuition will be down considerably. I have been working with some people make contributions beyond their pledge and have as a goal to raise about $30,000 for this effort. In June I will challenge the rest of the congregation to be moved by the eight people who made those contributions to make gifts of $50 to $100 beyond their pledge. Hopefully this will bring us closer to balancing expenses with income.

There is other good news. Prior to June 30, 2015 we had fallen behind in making designated payments to benevolences we had voted to support.  At one time we were over $51,000 behind in payments, some dating back to 2011.  We have steadily paid down these obligations and as of April the outstanding obligation has been reduced to $18,961. Our goal is to have completely paid this obligation by December 31, 2016.  Additionally, all money designated to the Missouri Synod and the Northern Illinois District has been promptly forwarded. 

While we have financial challenges we have made great progress and the congregation has generously supported our mission. There is much to rejoice about here at St. John’s.

Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel, who alone does wondrous things. Psalm 72: 1

In His Service,
Pastor Bruening





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Weekly Worship

Sunday Worship
8:00 & 10:45 a.m.

Sunday Education Hour
9:25-10:25 a.m.

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Prayer is the center of everything. People need prayer. Through prayer we can now boldly say “send me God.” A strong bond is created and we connect ....

When I am in the word daily, I feel God’s presence. I have an easier time resisting temptation and discerning His will. Reading daily doesn’t have to be doggedly endured. There are fresh new ways to do it. I can be on autopilot and it allows God to be in charge. With Him in charge, it gives ...

I started small groups because I was invited. That simple gesture has led to making connections and starting other new small groups. I am open to meeting new people and seeing the resources God has given us with people and we get to see how He works in our lives. People can be threatened by church. Small groups are ...

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How Can We Pray for You?

St. John's is committed to being a fellowship that blesses people near and far with the offerings of our prayers. We'd like to pray for you and invite you to share your requests with us. All requests will be kept confidential among our prayer team members who are standing by to pray for you and your loved ones. (Connect with us here!)


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